Chewy's Pizza

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Pizzas - Chiquen Wings - Salads

601 4th Avenue, Altoona, Pennsylvania, United States
Tel: 1 (814) 201-2135

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Mississippi, United States

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  -  2021-06-17
I love this pizza. Perfect, cheesy. I can't wait to go will definitely become a regular stop for my


Pennsylvania, United States

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  -  2021-06-13
Chewy’s Pizza is our go-to-place all the time for delivery but if you wish to eat there, it’s very family friendly. The food is absolutely wonderful and if you’re looking for that authentic “bar” food essence, you’ve come to the right place. The wings are huge and at 6 bucks a dozen, you can’t beat them. I always get the butter and garlic flavor. They also have wonderful salads, and if I’m craving a chef salad, I still order a slice of pizza because I will not order from Chewy’s without getting a taste of their pizza, it’s just that good. BTW, their house dressing is just as tasty as well. You can’t ask for better customer service. The one and only time we had an issue was when my husband ordered a hamburger and it was undercooked. We called them and they were so apologetic and brought another one to us ASAP and it was so tasty. We order from them so frequently they can’t always be perfect. I absolutely recommend Chewy’s Pizza to anyone wanting to have some excellent, hot, and fresh food. You will leave there satisfied